Royce showing signs of improvement

It’s now been three weeks since Royce’s incident at the Manx GP and he’s thankfully beginning to show signs of improvement.

Late last week, the doctors felt Royce was stable enough to begin lowering the amount of sedation he was receiving. It’s been a slow process, but he’s slowly coming to.

Each day he seems to get better at communicating, initially just by mouthing words but now has built up the strength to quietly talk.

Strength has also slowly built in his chest, meaning his breathing has improved dramatically.

With that said, due to the tracheostomy, he’ll still need some help for a little while until eventually removing the tube altogether so the entry-cut can heal.

The planned surgeries to his ankle, collarbone and ribs will no longer be needed as too much time has passed and the injuries have begun to knit themselves. His ankle was set and plastered from the beginning, so hopefully the only thing affected are his dance moves… which couldn’t get much worse.

Once the doctors feel Royce is ready and has the necessary strength, the rehab will begin. The hospital staff are keen to get him moving as soon as possible to ensure it’s a smooth and successful recovery.

The family again would like to thank all the individuals and organisations that have sent well wishes and offered support in their own incredible way. The support shown to Royce and his loved ones over this time has been amazing.

14 thoughts on “Royce showing signs of improvement

  1. That’s better news,
    Won’t be long and you’ll boogy as good as me
    Did you learn any moves from me at Jess and Dans 30th 😂
    All the best mate, Neil


  2. Thank goodness to finally hear some positive news, Was starting to get a bit concerned for a bit there. Heal fast young fella. Sending lots of love to you all.
    Warmest regards,


  3. So glad to hear that Royce is improving, it’s so sad that an obviously talented rider like Royce is in this situation, we are thinking of him in our hearts and minds and especially his family.


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