Royce back on home soil

Thanks to the amazing work by the staff at Aintree Hospital, we now have Royce back on home soil to start the rehab process in Adelaide.

IMG_1644 (2)

PIC: Even after the tediously long flight, Royce and Beth had a smile after landing back in SA


We’d like to thank everyone for their well wishes over the whole period and the continued support through Royce’s recovery.

Catching up with Royce over a Nippy’s juice and frog cake, he said, “Home sweet home! The last few weeks spent in Liverpool I was pretty ready to go home.

“Beth and I were both getting a bit homesick, but the nurses were doing a great job keeping our spirits up and so were the messages from home.


PIC: An honourary red


“The day trip out to Liverpool city was freezing! But was great to get out for a cheeky Guinness and a wonderful feed.

“The physio work I’ve done in the hospital has brought me to my feet and slowly hobbling around now, but still lots to go to get my muscle back.


PIC: The rehab is well underway


“Plenty of Maccas and fatty foods will be had to try and aid in my plight to put back on the 20kg I lost.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone that sent messages or spoke to my family to pass on well wishes, I really appreciated it all and it gave me that little extra encouragement to work hard and get home.

“Cheers everyone, it will take a bit more than this to keep me down!”

home soil

PIC: Seeya later, Aintree!

14 thoughts on “Royce back on home soil

  1. We are so glad to have you both home. ❤️❤️
    Would be very happy to part with a few kilos to give to you Royce, if I only knew how, 😂
    Catch up soon 🤗🤗


  2. Welcome home the Royce machine. I’m saying that because there’s probably not too many original parts left.
    Anyway, great to hear mate your all back. We have be thinking so much about you all.
    Rick, Michelle & Family


  3. Royce dear so great to hear you are back in Adelaide, what an awful time you have had. You are so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive family and partner. Hopefully your recovery keeps progressing well and we will catch up at the QAC soon. Susan Hunt xx


  4. I am SO happy. Love the shout out for the physios, (favourite people!) but most of all love that you are home safe. Well done. I don’t think many know exactly what it takes . Best wishes for your onward recovery 😊


  5. Hip hip hooray!
    Welcome back to Oz!
    We are so relieved to hear you have progressed so far and are back home where you belong. Keep up the good work.
    We all miss you and your lovely spirit.
    All the very best Royce!
    Chele and Adam Plumridge


  6. Good luck with the rest of your recovery and good to see you with a good reds shirt on , ‘ keep er lit’ as you said it won’t keep you down.


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