Just like riding a bike!

After a riding hiatus of almost ten months due to injuries suffered at last year’s Manx GP, Royce is finally back on the bike, taking part in a recent Mallala track day.

IMG_2009 (2)

PIC: Royce and DJ promptly jumped into the team’s purpose-built disinfectant bath after realising the 1.5 metre rule had been breached!


The track was a little slippery holding damp patches all day, but over 80 riders were still in attendance for the track day as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually eased in Adelaide, Australia.

Royce and Dave Johnson took turns piloting the 650cc water-cooled Ducati that Royce rode at last year’s Manx GP.


PIC: Although damp in patches, Royce was quick to get back in the swing of things. (Credit: Deb Lock)


Royce also took the old air-cooled Duke out and Brian Rosser’s 1000cc Duke.

He attracted a lot of attention from familiar faces in attendance, impressing with his ability to get straight back onto three different machines and put in some very respectable lap times after such a long break from racing.

Although those times weren’t quite hitting his regular pace, track conditions and his physical restrictions all played a part, the latter still in the process of regularly improving thanks to gym work.


PIC: Our pit crew enjoying a well-deserved beverage after working hard to help ensure the day ran smoothly.


After ordering his fluffy duck at the Mallala Hotel, Royce had this to say,

“My last injury I was off the bike for six months, and this time it’s been pushed out to over 9 months! As many of you would understand, even a few weeks can be way too long of a time spent off the bike!

“Mallala is the first track I ever rode, so it was a comfortable place to start again.

“After getting the leg over the bike though, I now know why my Pa used to prefer climbing onto the sidecar in his old age.

“Luckily for me, my young bones have been healing well – however there’s still lots of hard work to come and it will be a while until I’m able to move around the bike like I used to.

“My hips were quite restricting when I was trying to get my knee out but I still had heaps of fun cutting a few laps.

“Thanks heaps to Dad and the crew that came out and safely social-distanced while helping me get out on the track, because I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it alone!

“With some more work in the gym and the physio to keep freeing up the body and I’ll be running in no time!”

IMG_4004 (2)

PIC: Royce enjoying the smooth 650 water-cooled Ducati (Credit: Deb Lock)


With winter in full swing, we’re not sure on when the next track day will be, but fingers crossed some opportunities arise in coming months for Royce to continue practicing and returning his times back down to the point where he was previously. Thanks again to everyone for their support, see you trackside!