Getting back around the The Bend

With decent weather slowly appearing in South Oz, Rowe Racing took the opportunity to break out the 650 Manx Ducati and 1000cc Rosser Ducati at the The Bend Motorsport Park recently.

Royce was looking comfortable and smooth on track, although still needed a bit of help getting on and off the bikes.

Pic: Royce’s new neck warmer is both aero-dynamic and distracting to chasing competitors… great success!

Both bikes were running perfectly as usual and it was great to maximise track time. There was full capacity on the track as riders emerged from lockdown hibernation as restrictions are further eased in South Australia as we are virtually back to normal.

(Credit: JGJ Photography)

After the long day, Royce had this to say;

‘First time back at The Bend after over a year and it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it! It was great fun on track being a bit easier on the bones then Mallala which was nice. 

‘With loaded sessions, it made it fun still being able to go through lots of traffic at my reduced pace. Lots of stretching before each ride helped with the reduced mobility of the ol’ hips. 

‘My program of gym and physio is helping slowly to allow me to move a bit better on the bike. I’m not quite ready for the length of a race just yet but I will get there and I’m very much looking forward to it!’