Winter workout

Royce and team braved a freezing cold and nearly deserted Mallala over the weekend, jumping at the opportunity to get some track time.

The main aim was to see how the physio work was playing out for Royce and whether his movement on the bike had improved.

We were sharing a garage with Davo Johnson, with Royce riding the two-valve 650 Ducati and sharing the four-valve with Davo.

Royce, Dave Johnson and mechanic Jess Watson in the garage.

Due to the cold weather, with the temperature not going above the low teens all day,

the pair virtually had the track to themselves.

Royce’s lap times were slower than usual, but still very respectable and fast enough to have produced podiums if it had been a race meeting.

The four-valve Duc swanning around a deserted and windswept Mallala

Before entering the custom-built Swedish sauna fitted on the Rowe Racing trailer to warm his Terminator bones, Royce had this to say:

“Good to be back at Mallala and more importantly on the bike!”

“After my last track day a few months ago at The Bend, I’ve been working hard to get some more mobility as I was really struggling with left-hand corners.”

“Giancarlossimus at Thrive Physio Plus worked wonders on my left hip and we saw a big step in the right direction to being able to jump around the bike. With a way to go with strengthening, and mobility still has room for improvement, the protein shakes will be in full force trying to frequent the gym to keep seeing improvements on the bike.”

“I’m feeling like I’m getting close to being race ready on the solo, but in the meantime, my sack of potatoes Jess and I are gearing up for a hillclimb event in October on his old Velo sidecar for a historic meet, which should be some jolly good fun ol’ chaps!”

Hopefully more ride days will be on the cards soon!