Learning curve at The Bend

After an exciting first burn around The Bend last month, the Rowe Racing Team were keen to finally have the chance to go racing over the weekend.


Playing host to the third round of the SA Championships, Saturday was dedicated to open practice for riders to get their eye in at the new circuit. Sunday saw us take on one qualifying session for each bike (Ducati and Triumph), followed by two races for each.


As usual, the Ducati performed on-song, allowing Royce to engage in some great dicing with Michael Villani on his Kawasaki ER6.

tb10 (2)

PIC: Royce dicing with Michael Villani aboard his Kawasaki ER6 (Credit: Deb Lock)


The pair were separated by no more than 0.2 secs on each lap for the whole day, with lead changes keeping everyone entertained.


In both races Michael was able to take the chequered flag in a great riding performance.


The Triumph continues to improve as we keep experimenting with suspension and engine tweaks.


PIC: Since painting the Triumph red, the team have noticed considerable improvements in the ‘go fast’ department (Credit: Pierre’s Photography)



We often take a couple of steps forward and another back, but we are making progress.


The team owe a massive thank you to Pete Hoey who spent Saturday night rebuilding the rear suspension, and Brian who spent the evening manufacturing various spacers, shims and other components.


PIC: The team constantly made adjustments throughout the day (Credit: Deb Lock)


While there’s still a lot to do, we were happy that Royce managed to keep bringing his lap times down, including posting a PB and finishing sixth in race one.


Rain arrived for race two and as we didn’t have wets (as we didn’t think we could obtain any useful data in the rain) we had to miss that race. Our main focus is development at the moment, and as we missed round one of the SA Championships, we weren’t too upset at missing out on the championship points in that race.


While at the race presentations enjoying his organic kombucha recovery drink, Royce had this to say:

‘The first time racing at Tailem Bend was great! Although, I’m still figuring out places to overtake and go quicker.


‘The Triumph is coming along with every session, getting quicker and just pin-pointing things that can make the ride smoother.


‘My body is feeling good and is nearly back at full strength. I just have to make sure I’m well oiled before each race… my joints that is!


‘Our next race is the Master of Mac Park, so I’m already getting pretty keen for that!’



Overall, the weekend’s meeting was well run and everyone enjoyed the new track, with a number of riders travelling from interstate to compete.


We have another test session next week and then head to Mount Gambier at the end of the month for round four of the SA Championships.


Thanks to Auldana Foundations, Cresta Plastics, Furygan Leathers, Fusport Boots, Adelaide Glass Guys, Underground Designs, Custom Refinishers Australia, Hoey Racing Services and GC Motorcycles for their continued support.


Good signs ahead after strong weekend at The Island

The Rowe Racing Team made the trip across the border last weekend for the fourth round of the BEARS Nationals at Phillip Island. The BEARS Club always put on a great meeting and are keen supporters of our international exploits, so Royce was working hard to get fit in time for this one.


PIC: The team were pulled over on the highway to check if they were carrying the right koalafications. 


All was going well on the journey, until 80km out of Phillip Island when the axle on the trailer had had enough of Victorian roads and decided to leave the trailer, causing it to lock up. While it was a bit exciting for a few moments, the result left the team stranded and out of ideas.


A couple of local farmers luckily stopped to help – we don’t know who they were but are grateful for their help. Some old wire, sticks and Royce’s chewing gum got us going again, but at 35km/h for the last 80km. Needless to say, people gave us a friendly wave as they overtook our struggling vehicle.


PIC: Marty and Sarah of Phillip Island Property Maintenance came out to the track on Saturday and welded the trailer back together. Thanks again for your amazing help!



After the initial set back, the team were grateful to arrive at the track unscathed Saturday morning. It was straight into qualifying were Royce scored pole on both the Ducati and the Triumph.


The Ducati performed well with straight wins for its class in each race. Royce had some great dicing with Simon Galloway on his Pierobon X60R 1078 (three classes, F3, F4 and F5 were combined) with 0.1 sec separating them at the finish of each race.


PIC: Royce comfy as on pole wearing his Furygan leathers (Credit: SD Pics).



The Triumph was in the combined Formula 1 and Formula 2 races, with Royce winning the Formula 2 class. He took the outright win in the first race, following a race long battle with Brian Kozan on the BMW S1000RR.


In race two, Royce returned to the pits on lap one with a slight glitch occurring in the electronics. Brian Rosser and Peter Hoey, of Hoey Racing who was with the team for the weekend, managed to iron that out.

IMG_0880 (2)

PIC: Brian, Royce and Pete sorting out an electrical issue… well, mainly Brian.



The BEARS run a rolling grid, meaning Royce had to start race three at P30… AKA the back of the grid. He managed to get through the traffic to finish second in his class and eighth outright, meaning a start at P8 for the final race. Wanting to close out the weekend on a high note, he finished the final race first in his class and managed to set the fastest lap of the outright combined F1 and F2 classes.


PIC: Royce on the Triumph in the combined F1 and F2 class (Credit: SD Pics).



After the successful weekend, Royce had this to say:

“Its been over a year since visiting Phillip Island thanks to my injury, so I was pretty excited to be back on the fast-flowing track.


“We had a productive weekend with the help of Peter Hoey and managed to iron out a few problems, but still have a few to go unfortunately. With a lot longer lead-up time to setup the Triumph before next year’s Isle of Man, we have the opportunity to utilise the warmer weather.


“This means we can be confident when packing up the crate that I’m more comfortable with the bike’s diagnostics compared to last year. The weekends racing was great, I love dicing with the BEARS boys and had plenty of close finishes.


“I’m now looking forward to this coming weekend’s race meeting at the new Tailem Bend circuit. It’ll be my first race meeting there, having only completed ride days at The Bend, and it gives us another chance to get the Triumph solid.”


We still have a lot of development to do on the Triumph, but it’s coming along well. This weekend at The Bend, in Tailem Bend, SA, will give us a great chance to work on those problems. Keep an eye out for the next blog post to see how we went and if you’re free, come ‘round The Bend this weekend to experience this new, amazing circuit!


Going ’round The Bend

After much anticipation, the Rowe Racing Team finally had their first chance to visit South Australia’s newest race track, ‘The Bend’.


PIC: The facilities at new race track The Bend are second to none (Credit: Stephen Cooper)


Located in regional town Tailem Bend, we had hoped to ride there sooner, but Royce’s recovery from a recent knee surgery is unfortunately taking longer than expected. After having a number of screws removed from one of his knees, general pain and restricted movement is still occurring, but definitely improving.


The team were very impressed with ‘The Bend’, finding it be an exciting, technical track. The facility as a whole is equal to anything we’ve seen around the world.


PIC: The Ducati loved the smooth new surface ’round The Bend (Credit: Stephen Cooper)


Having this new track so close to home will make our testing and development much easier. Up until now, we’ve had to travel to Phillip Island to ride a fast world-class circuit, which is a 1000km drive each way. This is especially helpful for our Isle of Man testing, as the longer the straight is, the better!


The Triumph debuted its new colour scheme on the day – red and gold – to match the Ducati. The paint work was an excellent job as usual by Andrew at Custom Refinishers Australia, located at Inglewood in the Adelaide Hills, who is one of our great sponsors.


PIC: The Triumph in its new clothes (Credit: Stephen Cooper)


All went well on the day, apart from a slight glitch with the fuel pump on the Triumph which we were able to fix fairly quickly. Regardless, the main aim for the day was just to let Royce see the new track and start to learn it. He managed a PB lap, which wasn’t too hard given he hadn’t been there before.


Once getting over the excitement when told how personal best laps work, he had this to say:

“You would think memorising just 18 corners compared to over 250 would be a walk in the park, but there is lots to learn at this technical track.

“Being brand new, there’s not a lot of visual cues around or on the track. From what I’ve experienced so far, I reckon this should be a great track for some fun overtaking manoeuvres.

“This was the first time getting on the bike since my latest surgery, so my knee was still a bit swollen and tight, so I had to take it easy.

“Both of the bikes ran great, so I’m really looking forward to getting back out there again soon!”


PIC: ‘Hmm, that thread looks a bit ruff!’ – Moddey, Workshop Assistant


The team still have a lot of work to do on the Triumph and hope to continue testing on a regular basis over the coming months.

Making noise on the new Trumpy

In one of the last road race meetings before the winter break, a typically dry and sunny Mallala played host to the popular 3-Hour endurance meeting over the weekend. Being one of Royce’s favourite events in the past, he was just happy to be back on his home track for the first time in almost a year.


As Royce is still feeling the effects of his injuries, the team decided to limit him to riding the Ducati on Saturday and then use Sunday purely for getting accustomed to the new Triumph.

467A1793 - glen v2

PIC: Royce getting used to the new Green Machine (Credit: Glen Hand)


Saturday saw three 6-lap sprint races in the Super Twin class, which provided some of the best racing of the weekend, as Royce and Michael Villani (Kawasaki ER6) battled it out, with their dicing seeing the lead change several times in each race.


Royce was able to keep in front each time – in one race only passing Michael on the last corner, to take three wins.


PIC: Royce on the Ducati dicing with Michael Villani (Credit: Pierre Paul Cazes)


The team also entered the ’50km’ race on Saturday, which is a reduced distance version of Sunday’s 3-Hour endurance race. The 50km still featured a Le Mans start, with the crowd finding it entertaining to watch Royce hobble across the track. He managed to recover the time it took for him to shuffle across the track and then established a reasonable lead which he held on to, ultimately taking out the win.


PIC: Royce managed a clean sweep of wins aboard the Ducati (Credit: Pierre Paul Cazes)


On Sunday, we had the new Triumph on track for the first time. The team had only completed turning the last bolt and firing it up the weekend before, so the 3-Hour endurance race was used as a three hour test session.


The team didn’t have time to paint new fairings or put Royce’s usual number ‘104’ on, so the organisers allowed us to use the spare fairing from the old Triumph which was still prepared for last year’s Senior Manx Grand Prix.

deb 3 hr v2

PIC: The Trumpy wearing its old Manx clothes and starting number (Credit: Deb Lock)


The team decided to concentrate solely on suspension (we didn’t even bother about gearing, resulting in Royce only being able to use five gears), and really check that every aspect was in proper working order.


We were aided by Pete Hoey of Hoey Racing, recognised as one of the foremost suspension experts in Australia.

467A1747 - glen v2

PIC: Pete Hoey was instrumental in sorting the suspension setup on Sunday (Credit: Glen Hand)


After the Le Mans start, our process was to do five or so laps, come in and discuss the handling with Pete, then go out and test the changes. This procedure was repeated over the three hours of the race.


Pete and Royce managed to make great progress, so much so, that despite the wrong gearing, still being limited in movement and the warm conditions, Royce set a new personal best time for Mallala. He solidly bettered the previous lap time he set in May last year on the old Triumph, giving the team plenty of confidence in the new setup. This was the second fastest lap of the race, putting Royce ahead of many 1000cc superbikes.


PIC: Returning to the pits on Sunday sporting new Furygan leathers (Credit: Pierre Paul Cazes)


Happy with his results, Royce had this to say, “My first time back at Mallala since the crash was a lot of fun. Having a great dice with Micheal Villani in the Super Twin race was good to help me push my laps to try and get closer to where I was pre-accident.

“I’m still feeling a little restricted hanging off the bike with my knees locking at certain points but wearing my new Furygan leathers made riding as comfortable as it could be.

“Peter Hoey working with Brian Rosser was a huge help to get the Triumph’s suspension setup correctly throughout Sunday’s testing. To then obtain a new PB by nearly a second put a huge grin on my face – I might have to put it down to my bionic enhancements!”

deb 3 hr

PIC: Concentrating on testing was priority one for Sunday (Credit: Deb Lock)


Royce also had the opportunity to show off his new leathers. Furygan Leathers (www.furygan.com.au) and Fusport Boots (www.fusportboots.com) heard that his riding gear had been destroyed last year, so after getting in contact, they have provided a new set of leathers, gloves and boots which are of fantastic quality and also look great!


Thanks to Pete Hoey who put in a long, hard day, as did Brian and Locky.

From pole to pole

After a seven-month hiatus from racing, Royce has showed a strong return to form over the weekend by claiming seven out of eight race wins.


In his first meeting back since the infamous Manx GP crash, Royce’s times began to drop from the very first session. The Easter Cup at Mac Park, Mount Gambier, is a shared round between BEARS, one of our fantastic sponsors, and the SA Titles.


PIC: The bike was behaving just how Royce left it (Credit: Glen Hand)


Royce was contesting both the Limited and Bears F3 class on board the BJR 650 Ducati. After a successful Friday practice, Royce set about securing pole for the F3 class and second on the grid in Limited.


The first Limited race on Saturday run under great weather and a strong field. Dicing throughout the six laps, Royce managed to overtake tough competitor Kev Stephens on the final lap to claim victory. Excitedly returning to the pits, the team were ecstatic to see Royce claim a win on his first race back from injury.

467A1387 v2

PIC: Royce enjoyed his time back at the front (Credit: Glen Hand)


This dominant performance continued over the weekend, with Royce taking all four wins in the Limited class.


In the F3 class, Royce had some great battles with good friend and Manx GP compatriot Paul van der Heiden who was also riding a BJR Ducati. Royce managed to secure three wins and a second in the final race after his gear lever unfortunately snapped.

467A1435 v2

PIC: The Ducati was singing all weekend! (Credit: Glen Hand)


Seven out of eight ain’t bad! Royce also got to within half a second of his personal best time at Mac Park. Although he assured the team he was only going to ease back into things this weekend, we all knew he’d have a serious crack!


The entire weekend ran like clockwork and it was great to encounter so many people giving their well-wishes to Royce on his recovery.

467A1658 v2

PIC: Smiles all round (Credit: Glen Hand)


After a great weekend, Royce had this to say: “To be finally back on the bike made me a little nervous but very excited!

The knees prevented me from hanging off the bike the way I normally would and I was pretty sore whilst out on the bike but just being out there more and getting race fit will help with time.

Easing back into racing, once I started to get in a groove I really wanted to push and go faster – especially dicing back and forth for first position definitely made me want to go quicker.

I had some great fun with Kev and Paul out on track. Getting my lap times half a second away from my lap record was also a confidence boost. Once I get some screws taken out of my knee I should be able to take right-handers a bit easier as it’s restricting me a fair bit at the moment.

It was great to see all my racing buddies out at the track that I hadn’t seen in so long. Thanks heaps to everyone that’s supported me to get back on the bike and to all the sponsors that are helping me get back on track.

Thanks to Brian and Dad for helping on the weekend and Leonard and Uncle Glen. Also Mac Park and the BEARS for a great weekend racing. Can’t wait for the next outing and to give the Triumph the berries!”

467A1705 v2

PIC: Mount Gambier MCC ran a fantastic meeting over the weekend (Credit: Glen Hand)


Looking ahead, he will be going in for surgery this month to remove some protruding bolts in the right knee. Given it’s a minor surgery, the recovery should be fairly quick. And then, with a properly functioning knee again, he might just find that extra half a second!


Great Turnout for Manx GP Fundraiser

Taking place last Saturday afternoon, the Rowe Racing Manx GP Fundraiser went off without a hitch in what attendees described as both insightful and inspiring.
PIC: The crowd were treated to some great weather… and well cooked snags
In aid of Royce Rowe’s return to road racing, it was fantastic to see the Velocette MCC clubrooms packed to capacity with approximately one hundred people in attendance.
PIC: Many Kawasaki owners rode down to enjoy the day
International road racer, Dave Johnson gave an engaging talk on the TT, North West 200, Ulster Grand Prix and Macau, speaking on what life’s like as a factory rider.
John Boulger could have a new career as a stand-up comedian, as he had the crowd in stitches regaling them with stories of his days as an Australian speedway rider in England and Europe in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Royce recounted the happenings of last year’s Manx Grand Prix and then talked the crowd through a lap around the Isle of Man circuit made up of Go-Pro footage taken on his race-spec Triumph Daytona.
PIC: Speakers Dave Johnson, Royce Rowe and John Boulger (L – R)
Rowe Racing is extremely grateful to the Velocette MCC who conducted the show, with a number of club members volunteering to help out. A particular thanks goes to Dene Davies, President of the club, who put in a huge amount of work to make the day enjoyable for all.
Team members Glen, Pete and Locky worked the barbecue all day, and Royce’s partner, Beth sold a record number of tickets for the raffle.
PIC: Royce recounting his time at last year’s Manx GP
There were over a dozen prizes given away! Special thanks to Pitmans Motorcycles of 420 Main North Road, Blair Athol, who provided gift vouchers, and GC Motorcycles of 122 Main North Road, Prospect, who provided a $500 tyre voucher.
A massive thank you to all those who attended and supported us, it was humbling to see how the South Australian motorcycling community bands together to help one of its own.
PIC: The crowd loved hearing from all three speakers
We have some Rowe Racing 2018 calendars still for sale at $20 each and on-board lap DVD’s for $10 each, which include an unusual extra – footage from the Ducati in a practice session which was red flagged, so Royce and a few other riders rode their race bikes back through Douglas to return to the pits… a highly unique Manx experience! Email les@lesrowe.com.au for details.

The year that was

2017 has been an eventful year for the Rowe Racing Team. Contesting the early rounds of the South Australian Road Racing Championship, Royce’s times on-board the new Triumph had begun well.


With race preparation taking a lot longer than expected for this year’s Manx GP expedition, the team went into practice week far more under the pump than they had hoped.  While Royce was on personal best race-pace, his accident occurred which dictated the rest of his year be spent in recovery mode.


PIC: Royce struggled to hit the required pit-lane pace


While it’s been an unfortunate turn of events, Royce’s spirits have remained high and he’s focusing solely on getting his body back to 100 percent, then jumping back on two wheels… just not the same two wheels he was on while at the IOM (see pictures).


While it’s been a tough road, the time spent in the Isle and then since returning home to more physio, has been made a lot easier by many people. Rowe Racing would like to thank the whole Kneen family, especially Will and Carol, for their amazing hospitality while on the Isle of Man, the Halsalls Family, the Union Mills Methodist Church, Pauline and Eddy, Andy Fenton, Lee and Tracey. A special thanks to the Manx Grand Prix Supporters Club whose objective is to help injured riders and who have been an enormous help and support to us.


PIC: The oldest team in the recent Adelaide 3-Hour race of Greg Pitt, Alessandro Malatesta and Nic Borrelli, were able to give Royce some handy tips on the use and maintenance of mobility scooters


We’d also like to thank Ali Hay who made trips to and from the mainland to see Royce and Debbie. Another gem has been Michelle Rhook from AON, who has arranged our FIM insurance the last three years, and in particular Kate Ellis from Proclaim who got in touch with us the day after the accident and was a reassuring contact when we were stuck on the other side of the world in a difficult situation. Kate has been an enormous help in sorting the insurance side of things.


Cath Davis of Rex Physio, Joey Dunlop Foundation, Friends of the Hyperbaric Chamber Charity, Tracey Killey, Steve McDonald, Nick Wheeler, The Mike Hailwood Foundation, Mac Park, Alessandro Malatesta, the Lock Family, Ken Baines, Pete Wyles and Brian Rosser have all helped in their own way.


PIC: What happens when a front disc passes through an exhaust pipe and radiator into the engine cases!


All of our team sponsors have been a major support the whole year through, including Velocette MCC, Phoenix MCC, Atujara MCC, Bears Motorcycle Racing Club, Mac Park, GC Motorcycles, Kessner Motorcycles, BJR Racing Products, Hoey Racing, Auldana Foundations, Cresta Plastics, KP Signs, Custom Refinishers Australia and Underground Designs.


Of course, the broader Rowe family, Royce’s partner Beth who is now pandering to his every need, and all the family’s close friends who have come to visit in recent weeks and enjoyed a drink or a chat – it’s all made the experience much more bearable. In particular, all the kind people who came to visit on the Island too who made the stay a little bit easier for Royce and Debbie.

RR Poster - Feb 2 smaller copy

In upcoming events, the Velocette MCC has kindly offered to host a Fundraiser for the Rowe Racing Team since returning from the 2017 Manx GP.

It is being held on Saturday, February 3rd at the Velocette MCC clubrooms, 74 Drayton Street, Bowden, SA.

The event starts at 2pm and everyone is welcome to attend – the more, the merrier! Royce will give a talk about his experience at the Manx GP and present an on-board lap cut from footage taken at the 2017 Manx Grand Prix.

There will be a number of guest speakers, including fellow South Aussie Dave Johnson. ‘DJ’ is a Factory Norton rider and currently the fastest Australian around the Isle of Man course. He also competes in the British Superbikes paddock, while taking on other extreme road races around the world, like the recent Macau GP.

Speedway legend John Boulger will also be giving a talk. ‘JB’ won nine SA Speedway Championships, four Australian Championships, captained the Australian team which won the 1976 World Team Cup, and raced in the British Speedway League from 1967 to 1979 captaining the Leicester Lions.

Entry is only $5, which includes the chance to win the door prize of a rare bottle of Manx Spirit, with other raffles happening on the day too. Bar facilities and a sausage sizzle will be available.

Home Sweet Home

Since crashing at the Manx GP in August, Royce has been on the slow road to recovery in both Liverpool initially and then back on the Isle of Man. Finally, after getting the green light to fly a fortnight ago, Royce and mum, Debbie completed the long-haul flight from the UK back to Australia.


PIC: Royce and mum, Debbie arriving back in Adelaide


Technically, it was Douglas, IOM to Adelaide, Australia, but there were a few stops in between. Starting with a short jump across the channel to Manchester, the pair then had a connecting flight in Dubai before heading straight for home. It wasn’t all bad, as due to Royce’s injury he had to fly business class for the leg room… with Debbie scoring a ticket too as his carer. Not having to mingle with riff-raff, the two were left to enjoy their champagne and smoked salmon in peace.


PIC: While on the Isle of Man, Royce’s progress was hugely assisted by Cath Davis


Now back on home soil, Royce will begin seeking medical prescriptions and advice locally, aiming to begin physio at SPORTSMED (a renowned bone, joint and muscle facility in South Australia) as soon as possible. All going well, he will be out of the wheelchair in a month or so and on crutches. He can already walk a short distance on crutches and bend over 90 degrees at both knees.

The wrist is also coming along surprisingly well after such a bad break, with movement getting close to a full recovery – the most important recovery as it’s Royce’s throttle hand.


PIC: Royce’s mate Moddey is pretty impressed by the new wheels – note the sponsor decals already taking over the custom Triumph!


Royce had this to say after landing, “I’m finally home!

“If I had to be stranded anywhere other than home, I think the Isle of Man would have to be pretty up there in places to be.

“Apart from the weather, it was great having motorcycle enthusiasts surround me during the recovery. Being reunited with family and friends back home has been great and so we start the next part of my journey to full health.

“I will be starting physio here as I come into the last few weeks of partial weight bearing and then it will just be a matter of building up enough strength to… get back on the bike.

“Thanks everyone for the support, we’re making good progress. Cheers!”

Homeward Bound

It’s been a long road for Royce and Mother, Debbie since the accident over two months ago, but the green light for Royce to fly home has finally been given. The pair will fly back to Australia in mid-November where Royce will continue his recovery.



PIC: Physio is going well with expert Cath Davis


Royce has been attending sessions with a private physio over the past fortnight. Cath Davis, of Rex Physio, has treated many top riders in the past, including TT front-runner, Connor Cummins. Within the first five minutes of working on Royce’s foot, she diagnosed the discomfort he has been having all along as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).



PIC: Royce undergoing ultrasound treatment, which is ticklish and painful, but will help the recovering nerves


CRPS is a chronic pain condition that most often affects one limb usually after an injury. It is believed to be caused by damage to, or malfunction of, the peripheral and central nervous systems. Treatment aims to restore movement and function of the affected limb, with most people recovering from the condition in time.


One of the conditions to fly is that Royce can bear weight on at least one leg, which Cath is confident she can help him achieve. Royce is focused on reaching that goal and we all can’t thank Cath enough for the amazing work she has done. He might not be skipping down the plane’s aisle, but as long as he can hobble to the toilet, the stewardesses will be happy.



PIC: It hasn’t been all doom and gloom – Royce and Deb enjoyed a drink recently with good friends the Kneens at the Barbary Coast Bar


The next couple of weeks will include as much rehab as possible to get Royce as best prepared for the flight home.  The team will provide updates as his condition hopefully improves. With all things going to plan, photos will start looking brighter as he arrives back in time for an Aussie summer.

On the mend

Slowly but surely, Royce’s situation is beginning to improve thanks to a dedicated exercise regime and plenty of rest.  He begins the first round of intense physio this week, hopefully providing rapid improvement.

Now well and truly settled in the Joey Dunlop Foundation House, Royce and his Mum, Debbie are keeping busy with visits to the physio, chemist and the occasional catch-up with friends when the weather permits. Royce’s new wheelchair is working a treat, allowing him easier access to slide in and out of bed, then back into the chair, plus the opportunity to wheel himself outside in the sun.


PIC: Back to the L-plates for Royce!


To aid the healing process, Royce has also begun treatment in a hyperbaric chamber. Although there’s no scientific evidence of results, many top TT riders swear by the treatment which supposedly enhances the body’s natural healing process. The walk-in chamber increases atmospheric pressure, making it seem as though you’re metres under water.


PIC: Just like Back to the Future, Royce keeps trying to dial the exact coordinates into the hyperbaric chamber to return him one minute before the crash… no luck yet!


When quizzed on the latest injury updates, Royce said, “My left leg is bending well, now hitting 110 degrees, which is as far as the brace allows. The right leg is very close to hitting 90, which would be amazing.

“My wrist is doing great. I’m starting to do some light weight-bearing, with mobility coming along nicely.

“After seeing a doctor and having more X-rays completed, it turns out the femur was such a big break that it’s still a few weeks away from starting to weight-bear. The left tibia however is ready for partial weight-bear, which will hopefully get myself and mum on-board a flight in November.”

In other news, the Isle of Man was rocked by Hurricane Ophelia. It tore trees down and ripped roofs off buildings. All flights and ferries were cancelled, while Royce attempted to use the breeze to propel his wheelchair down the driveway. He and Debbie also attended the ‘Mhelliah’, a fundraiser auction held by the Manx Grand Prix Supporters Club in aid of the Manx Grand Prix rescue helicopters, injured riders and their families. Royce bought some clothes, wine and a naughty calendar.


PIC: Royce with Andy Fenton at the Mhelliah fundraiser event recently