We have a winner!

The Phoenix MCC Rider Development Lottery was held at the Velocette Clubrooms over the weekend.


Pic: Both race bikes were on display for the night


Kicking off in the late afternoon, the crowd slowly arrived to an excited Rowe Racing team. Both the Isle of Man motorcycles were out on display for fans to check out and ask questions of the team principals.

The Velocette Club did a fantastic job of running the bar, which got a work out, and kindly gave us use of their BBQ, which was sizzling away all evening.


Pic: Many people enjoyed the presentation on the Isle of Man given by Royce


Royce wowed the crowd with a fantastic presentation about his assault on the Isle of Man, educating punters on the race and country in general. After a few party games to help donations tick over, it was time for the big draw!


Pic: The sliding dollar game drew a crowd!


With our adjudicator on hand, Royce drew out the lucky winners. We can safely say all winners were absolutely stoked with their prizes! (1st prize – B Tucker, 2nd – A Malatesta, 3rd – J Kah and 4th – C Cheeseman).


Pic: The lucky winner with her prizes – better get practicing!


Rowe Racing Team would like to thank every single person who bought a ticket in the raffle. Whether it was one or 21, it shows great support for our goal to reach the Manx GP and we now consider you part of the team.


It was straight back to business after the enjoyable night for the team who set off to Phillip Island for a test day on the Monday. Utilising the public holiday Tuesday, the 1800km round trip was almost for nothing as typically dreadful Melbourne weather greeted the team on the Island.


Pic: Once the weather fined up, some progress was made (Credit: SD Pics)


The first few sessions were abandoned due to torrential rain, but the team still made the most of the easing conditions throughout the afternoon.


The team managed to get some testing done, but were limited due to a slow drying track. Although restricted, signs were definitely positive for the team. We now look forward to another Phillip Island test in coming weeks with hopefully kinder weather!

One thought on “We have a winner!

  1. can’t believe the winner of the raffle !! I have my fingers crossed for your chances of better weather next time around at Phillip Island.
    Love Nanna T


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