Homeward Bound

It’s been a long road for Royce and Mother, Debbie since the accident over two months ago, but the green light for Royce to fly home has finally been given. The pair will fly back to Australia in mid-November where Royce will continue his recovery.



PIC: Physio is going well with expert Cath Davis


Royce has been attending sessions with a private physio over the past fortnight. Cath Davis, of Rex Physio, has treated many top riders in the past, including TT front-runner, Connor Cummins. Within the first five minutes of working on Royce’s foot, she diagnosed the discomfort he has been having all along as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).



PIC: Royce undergoing ultrasound treatment, which is ticklish and painful, but will help the recovering nerves


CRPS is a chronic pain condition that most often affects one limb usually after an injury. It is believed to be caused by damage to, or malfunction of, the peripheral and central nervous systems. Treatment aims to restore movement and function of the affected limb, with most people recovering from the condition in time.


One of the conditions to fly is that Royce can bear weight on at least one leg, which Cath is confident she can help him achieve. Royce is focused on reaching that goal and we all can’t thank Cath enough for the amazing work she has done. He might not be skipping down the plane’s aisle, but as long as he can hobble to the toilet, the stewardesses will be happy.



PIC: It hasn’t been all doom and gloom – Royce and Deb enjoyed a drink recently with good friends the Kneens at the Barbary Coast Bar


The next couple of weeks will include as much rehab as possible to get Royce as best prepared for the flight home.  The team will provide updates as his condition hopefully improves. With all things going to plan, photos will start looking brighter as he arrives back in time for an Aussie summer.

7 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. We will miss you both you are now part of the family this Thursday is our last night out barbary Coast again easy for the wheelchair we wish you both a safe and trouble free journey and Royce please use the bottle !!!!! XXXXXX See you all soon xx


  2. Hi Royce & Deb, good to see you are healing Royce, hope the flight home goes well for you both.
    will the passenger next to you on the flight have to keep up the intensive physio, or will flight time
    be a break from all that ????


  3. Not long now Royce! I hope you are prepared for lots of visitors when you return.
    Deb, I do believe that Les has been involved in some extreme Spring cleaning to prepare for your return ! I look forward to catching up with you both,
    love Nan T xxxx


  4. Splendid news, Royce. Sounds like your progress is good. If you need some direction to get all the necessities for a slightly incapacitated person at home let me know. Cheers. Marilyn Pitt


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