Special delivery

After a long summer of racing and countless nights tinkering away at Rowe Racing HQ, the time has finally arrived for the Manx GP race bikes and equipment to been shipped off.

IMG_1368 (2)

PIC: Royce with team members Darryl and Cooper Withy at Mallala the weekend before crating.


All the team who are heading over to the Isle of Man spent the whole of last Saturday and Sunday crating the bikes, spares, tools and equipment, all weighing in at one tonne.


PIC: Royce, Locky, Howard and Mark doing final preparations on the Triumph.


The Rowe’s would like to give a huge thanks to Brian, Locky, Mark, Howard, Kerry, Deb, Clair and Derek for putting in some long hours.


PIC: After hours of tetris, we squeezed everything for the trip into our two crates


The crates were collected by Northgate Towing and taken to the air freight depot, where Bikes Abroad arrange for them to be flown to the UK and subsequently shipped over to the Isle of Man by Island Express. These are the firms that have helped us every year and make the tricky process manageable.


PIC: Special delivery!


With the bikes and equipment taken care of, we now get ready to follow them in a few weeks time.


PIC: The two beasts all stickered up and ready to race!


The Ducati has been dressed up at last, thanks to Darryl Withy and Marty Redshaw. We can’t wait to see it in action soon!

4 thoughts on “Special delivery

  1. Not long to go Royce, you must be getting itchy feet around about now ,
    my thoughts will be with you, best of luck,
    love Nan T xx


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