Baby steps for Rowe recovery

After working hard to build strength back up in his injured body, Royce has been transferred from the Critical Care Unit to the Major Trauma Ward at Aintree, and is making good progress.


Whilst recovering, he will remain in the UK. Due to some of the procedures undertaken after the incident, there’s a certain recovery time that must be adhered to before being allowed to fly, so he’ll be staying put until at least mid-December. By that stage he should be much fitter and have an easier journey home.


PIC: Royce with his latest accessory at Aintree Hospital


The support from the racing community in the Isle of Man and the UK has been overwhelming, with many people contacting and visiting Royce.


PIC: Just some of the Manx GP marshalls who were at Alpine corner to assist Royce at the time of the incident. We thank all of them (some not pictured) who went above and beyond for us during the difficult time immediately after the crash and subsequent days following.


Mum, Debbie and partner, Beth have been residing at the hospital accommodation since the incident, and have had many people take them out for shopping or lunch breaks. People from home have also been sending their best wishes and providing support, which is greatly appreciated.


We’d especially like to mention Ali Hay, who has made a number of long trips from Cumbria to Liverpool with supplies. Wyn Evans and Will Kneen have also given up much of their time, and Island Express has gone out of their way to assist us. The Ducati Owners Club of South Australia and the Manx Grand Prix Supporters Club have also provided kind assistance throughout Royce’s recovery, which has been a massive help.

IMG_1600 (2)

PIC: Royce and team member Simon Milazzo during practice week, who has been providing an enormous amount of support to us behind the scenes.


Since the incident, we’ve had the task of preparing the bike for shipping from the Isle of Man back to Australia. Ryan Cringle spent an entire day helping Les retrieve the Triumph after it had been impounded and then released. That job would have been impossible without his assistance and are profoundly grateful for Ryan taking the time out to help us.

IMG_1628 (2)

PIC: Ryan cleaning off about half a ton of the best Manx soil and several litres of oil from the bike before shipping.


We’re also very grateful to the staff at Aintree Hospital who have provided outstanding care which is regarded as world’s best practice. We understand racing is a dangerous sport and are lucky to have Royce still with us – many doctors have had a hand in his recovery, but the initial protection came from the quality of his gear. Nothing could have prevented the injuries totally, but we recognise the quality of Furygan leathers and Shoei helmets which proved to be outstanding.


PIC: Royce and Rosie the aid dog hanging out


Now awake and conversing huskily as his lungs repair slowly, Royce had this to say while sipping on his blended full-English breakfast smoothie, “Slowly but surely I’m making progress. My lungs have increased in size a little. Coughing fits have subsided, with only a little phlegm coming up from the infection which we have seemed to beat.

“The displaced rib of my broken ribs can cause me a little grief when on my back but seems to have healed well. I can say I’m a proper biker now having broken my first collar bone! It has healed well with a nice bend so you clearly see it was broken as proof!

“My legs are slowly getting stronger with the right in a moon-boot and the left femur being able to weight bare. Physios are getting me to walk a bit very slowly using a pull pit machine.

“My scaphoid is still in a cast, probably for another week or so. I had a hearing test because when I woke from ICU my hearing was gone in the right ear. The test confirmed that the impact my head had in the crash damaged my inner ear which is unfortunately permanent. When we get back to Oz, hearing aids seem to be the way to go… or a large megaphone.

“Apart from that I’m tip top! The hospital plans to get me on a vigorous rehab program very soon, so that should get me up and about a lot more.”


Once again, the team would like to thank every single person who has gone out of their way to help or just check-in on Royce and the family. We’ll provide further updates as Royce continues to improve.

15 thoughts on “Baby steps for Rowe recovery

  1. Royce dear, we are so devastated about your accident. Today we had the first Members Committee meeting with the new members and Louise saved the announcement about your resignation till last as she knew she would loose it as I did. I hope you reslise how much you are loved at the Club and how much you will be missed. Rob and I really hope you will make a good recovery as and be back in OZ soon. The Grieve bridge group are away this weekend and we will have a drink…or 6 to you. Much love Susan Hunt xx


  2. Fantastic to read of your improvements in recovery, Royce. Keep exercising those lungs!!!
    Glad to hear you and your partner and family are with you and being well supported. The racing family is truly awesome.
    Keep strong in mind as strength and recovery will succeed. The infection was your worst enemy. I know all about that. Glad you beat that bad boy.
    Onwards and upwards. It won’t be long until you’re heading back home.
    Wishing you the very best of luck,
    Rachel Lavery


  3. Its without saying its great and remarkable news on Royce’s condition, Whay his body has suffered in 2 horrendous crashes at the Isle of Man is unimaginable , both of which i was close to but glad i did not witness. The whole system of support (Marshalls and medics) and then the hospitals is second to none. I dont know what Royce’s intentions for the future are but whatever he decides I have had great pleasure watching him at the Manx. Ken from UK


  4. So glad to read you are well on the way to recovery Royce, we love seeing true racers coming half way around the world to compete at the Manx & TT.
    I hope to hear you get back to full health & on to two wheels soon, (maybe not racing) after what you,the family & team have been through, I wish you good fortune for the future.
    Chris Holder.


  5. Great to see this positive news. Love all you real raid racers, keep up the progress to full health and keep us updated. Hopefully you’ll be home soon. Best wishes.


  6. Oh dear Royce, I am so sad. I have just read your resignation in the Club News. It is so sad, but fully understand you don’t want the angst of not knowing when you will return to Oz and when you will be ready to handle all of the Members. We will all miss you so much, especially those who attend “Foodies”.
    We look forward to hearing that your progress is great and that you may make it home for a nice warm Christmas. Our get well soon wishes, love and big hugs. Kelly A xxoo ps we will miss you making the MaiTais for our Christmas dinner


  7. Hi Royce
    I’m so pleased you’ve “graduated” from ICU. The first step.
    You know the routine now so the path will be familiar…’s hard slog with a light at the end!
    Your friends at the Club will always be there for you. Tears have been shed.
    Now we just want you to get better and come visit us in person.
    Clearly your message to us all indicated your sense of humour is still intact.
    Take care and be reassured that you are in many people’s thoughts.
    Marilyn Pitt xx


  8. Royce, your just a machine and a true champ. Keep healing mate so you can get home soon. Make sure step 1 is getting back on a bike and beating me on a lap around ‘de Swan Reach Block’


  9. Hey Royce & family,
    Good to hear of your change of accommodation (away from the machines that go “beep beep”) and the progress you are making with the busted bits. Also great to see the pic’s with that familiar Royce grin despite all the extra hardware you are wearing, obviously lost a bit of condition too but a few visits to Macca’s will fix that.
    Stay positive mate, we are looking forward to seeing you back home as soon as you’re able.
    Phil & Ronna.


  10. Hi Royce
    So glad to read the latest news on your recovery. As you would know, there are many people here in Adelaide and elsewhere keen and interested to know how you are going. I was also sad to hear of your resignation from the Club, but of course understand fully. We will miss you, but I am sure that you will pop in from time to time, when back in Adelaide. Thank you from my perspective for your warm smile and ready assistance. And I noted Kelly’s comments from a Foodies perspective, and of course endorse them thoroughly. Best wishes, Helen Paige


  11. Dear Royce,
    We shall all miss you and your smiling face at the club. The place will never be the same without you. Thank you for all you have done for us and all the happy laughs we shared.
    Please keep up the good work in recovery and we look forward to seeing you when you get back home.
    All I want for xmas is for you to get better.

    Fondly, Jo Raven


  12. Dear Royce and Team Royce,
    Such good news to hear you are recovering and have had such a precious support team! Little by little you will get closer to coming back home…a wonderful thought, and something to look forward to! You have seen such kindnesses and wonderful support from so many people. This generosity of spirit must be so appreciated by you and your loved ones .
    Hopefully our paths will cross when you are back in dear Adelaide. Your fans miss you and send their love!
    Cheers and best wishes.
    Chele and Adam Plumridge


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