Welcome to the Rowe Racing Team blog.


As well as giving a brief rundown about the team, the site will be updated regularly to keep you abreast of head rider Royce Rowe’s racing progress, in particular at the upcoming Manx GP held at the Isle of Man.


In the ‘About’ section you can find a brief rundown of the team, bike and rider, while under ‘Sponsors’ you’ll find the people that have made this trip possible.


To catch you up to speed on what has already been accomplished, the entries for the Manx GP have been accepted, but unfortunately due to over-subscription the team will no longer be competing in the Senior GP. This leaves the Super Twins class to be contested on the BJR Products Ducati. A Suzuki GSX-R600 will still be flying over with us to the Isle of Man to be used as a road bike for Royce to gain valuable track knowledge in the week leading up to official practice week.


The bike itself has undergone all the testing possible to prepare for the one-of-a-kind race. With such long straightaways, the engine is under extreme pressure for lengthy periods of time. Aero-dynamics and fuel consumption have been altered, while long-distance runs have been used to replicate the track conditions – all things considered, the team will still be waiting for practice week to really make significant adjustments.


With paperwork out the way, the team has now begun constructing the metal crates used to freight the two bikes, including the racing gear and tools/spares. The crates will be deployed in early August, meeting the team at the docks when we arrive at the Isle on August 18… hopefully!


In preparation for the gruelling 37.73-mile mountain course, Royce has begun personalised physical training at the South Australian Medical Research and Science Centre thanks to team sponsor Auldana Foundations. With outstanding results at previous endurance races, the team hopes Royce will be in his element at the GP.


Please be sure to check back here regularly at www.roweracing.org for more updates from the team. As the Manx GP draws closer, blog posts will become much more frequent to ensure all the supporters back in Oz are kept up to date with results and enlightenments from the team.


The team would like to thank everybody who has assisted in any way along this journey and can’t wait to see all the hard work come to fruition very soon.


Until then, stay rubber side down.


Rowe Racing Team



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