Rowe Racing Sponsor Dinner a great success

Café Di Roma played host to the inaugural Rowe Racing Sponsor Dinner for our Manx GP expedition.


Team Manager Les Rowe and Brian Rosser, of BJR Products, were both thrilled to parade the finished race bike ready for crating.


All who attended had leant a hand in some way, so the two aforementioned team principals and rider Royce Rowe were glad to see a good turnout of the motorcycling community. Whether it be great or small, every little bit of help has accumulated into making the Isle of Man trip a reality for the Rowe Racing Team, who are obviously extremely grateful for all the support.


The great people at Café Di Roma were kind enough to let us adorn their dining area with Isle of Man memorabilia and a collection of memories from Les Rowe’s attempt at the 1989 Isle of Man TT.


The Rowe Racing Team would like to thank all who attended and hope that everyone enjoyed seeing the final product in the flesh. The team boards a plane in exactly three weeks from now to begin the pilgrimage to the Manx GP, with all involved chomping at the bit to give the race a red hot go!


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