Duc ready to fly!

With under three weeks left until departure, the Rowe Racing Team has now ticked-off the final task of crating the bikes.


With the help of family and friends, the crates were welded together and strengthened by extra steel plates. The bikes were firstly strapped down, making the construction of what is essentially a cage much easier. From there, all the gear, spares, tools and basically everything but the kitchen sink was stacked around the padded bikes to ensure minimal movement when being loaded.


Having never previously attempted an overseas race, everything is very new and untested to the Team, so ensuring that all the tools, race gear and primarily the bike were tied down securely was paramount.


From what we can tell, everything is in order and the next step involves delivering the two crates to Adelaide Airport ready to be couriered to the Isle of Man.


Below are some photos of the crates being constructed and filled throughout the day. We’ll have an update soon on the bikes landing OS and how Royce is tracking with his preparation.


IMG_0929 IMG_0938 IMG_0918 IMG_0943

3 thoughts on “Duc ready to fly!

  1. Looking good guys. Are the bikes going to be strapped in around the top/handle bars as well? Wouldnt want one of those pins to come loose down the bottom.


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