The adventure begins!

After a total of 22 hours in the air and longer than we want to think about in airports, the Rowe Racing Team has landed safely in the Isle of Man.

A hectic day ensued after landing, with cars, motorcycles and trucks needing to be organised for the following three weeks. First impressions have been fantastic, but rain is forecast for the next few days.

Not letting that dampen the parade, Royce will begin attempting to learn the track with the help of a few other riders over the next couple days.


With scrutineering set for Saturday, team mechanic Brian has a busy few days ahead checking the Ducati over thoroughly. To do so, the team has commandeered the communal laundry at our cottage accommodation, transforming the washing area into a makeshift workshop – with great results!


Royce also has been cutting laps with father Les, a former TT racer, in our hire car to aid in the visualisation of road sections. Being such a lengthy track, the 37.75 mile mountain course will be almost impossible to memorise, so the more time on the road the better.


We will have Royce give an update on his first impressions of the track and his plans for the coming week tomorrow, so check back here soon!


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