Follow the Milky way

With both bikes ready to go, Royce has experienced his first lap of the Island on two wheels. Unfortunately, the weather has been unkind, leaving a thick blanket of fog over the mountain sections making visibility poor.


The skies are looking like clearing up soon, but in the meantime Royce has been watching on-board footage from previous years’ races. He has also been lucky enough to score a driving lap with local TT legend Milky Quayle. Milky does a lot of the media for the Manx GP and TT, plus commentary on the instructional track DVDs. The knowledge will be invaluable for first-timer Royce.


Here’s Royce’s first impression of the Island:

“Simply put, it was unbelievable. After watching all the videos and waiting my whole life to some day get to the track, then to see it in the flesh was a dream come true. To then have the kind hearted yet crazy Manxman Milky Quayle to generously take me on a lap around the course was so insightful. There’s loads to take in but I’m slowly getting there. Can’t wait to take the Ducati out and give it some juice.”

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