Back on track

After a decent day of rest, Royce has jumped back on the bike tonight and returned straight to his previous speeds. Although being a bit sore and having a finger wrapped, Royce set out bravely to learn his lines aboard the 600.


PIC: Royce tracking past the Creg-ny-Baa Pub


Completing two laps, Royce pushed hard to clock in at 111.9mph on his first and 114.6 on the second. The Ducati parts have arrived with friend Ali, who enjoyed coming out to watch the racing after a 30 year hiatus from the Isle of Man. With the Classic TT running in conjunction with Royce’s practice session, many of the bikes were exactly as she remembers.


PIC: Nurse Rosser has done a tidy job keeping Royce’s knee strapped tight


Team Principal Brian Rosser has spent a long day slowly pulling apart and putting back together the 650 Ducati. All the parts are now here and ready to be assembled. There are just a few technical issues being sorted before we wheel the old girl through scrutineering to see whether the organisers are willing to have us back!

purple helmets

PIC: Cunning Stunts from the Purple Helmets


The rest of the team visited the Grandstand during the afternoon to check out the opening of the Festival of Speed, the official name of the Manx GP fortnight which includes the Classic TT. There were rider interviews, local bands, stalls and a stunt show by the Purple Helmets. It’s hard to describe for those who haven’t seen the lads perform before, but they are an institution of the TT and definitely worth You Tubing – especially the methane man and pole dancer stunt.


PIC: Royce heading down the mountain past Kate’s Cottage on the way to Creg-ny-Baa


Tomorrow is predominantly focused around the classic racing, but Royce will still head out for a qualifying session. Unlike a traditional qualifying session in racing terms, this is aimed towards riders who have not yet made the cut-off time to enter the race. Fortunately, Royce has already qualified for his two races as far as time goes, so the qualifying sessions will be used to slowly adjust back to racing after his fall.

4 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Will, Carol and Aaron Kneen went to the grandstand tonight to support Royce after his off – what superb laps he did tonight a bit sore but hey full of grit. Watch out for race week this boy is on fire lots of love ride safe xxx


  2. That’s good news guys, a top effort from all involved.
    I think the “dress” could have been a few shades lighter though to compliment the bruises Royce.


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