One more chance to ride

The team has recovered from last night’s celebrations at the Newcomer’s Presentation to prepare today for the final race of the Manx Grand Prix. Royce will contend the Full Factory Winnerswear Senior Manx Grand Prix race at 10.15am. Once again, his number has been changed – this time to 22. It’s a nice even number, half the amount of 44 his original number and brother Leonard’s birthday. This puts Royce closer to the front with less traffic to get mixed up in. Similar to yesterday’s race, some overnight rain looks likely so delays could be enforced. Either way, the team is prepared and ready to give the Mountain Course one last crack.


PIC: The team carrying Paul down to receive his award in the traditional Manx GP winners sled
We have also begun the task of packing everything back up into the crates, which is never as fun as unpacking crates. The two Ducatis have now finished their racing, so this afternoon will be spent packing all their corresponding bits and bobs into boxes and bubble wrap.


PIC: The Supertwin machines lined and ready for the start of their race
After the race tomorrow we can pack away the Suzuki and race day necessities. At night we have the official Manx GP Presentation night, where both Royce and Paul will receive replica trophies for their efforts in the Supertwin race. Royce will also score a trophy in the Junior class, while for the Senior we’ll just have to wait and see. Once again, we’ll be posting the results tomorrow night but please do listen via Manx Radio or watch live timing as shown in a previous blog post.

2 thoughts on “One more chance to ride

  1. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.
    i dont think much of the suspension on that rig that your riding in Paul, i’d say it is of limited capacity.
    Congratulations to date to the whole team & best of luck to Royce for the last run this year.
    big cheers


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