Tuesday Practice Goes Ahead

After much anticipation, the news was sent out via Manx Radio that Tuesday evening practice would indeed go ahead. The fog was thick all day and flights in and out of the Isle of Man were cancelled, so the team had their doubts when packing the van.

It was a close thing, with the first session out on the start line but being held until they had confirmation from the helicopter that it could operate. It’s not so much the rain or mist on the Island, but whether the rescue helicopter can take off from the mainland and reach the Island to be ready for any incident up on the Mountain.

Tuesday20Aug17 006

PIC: Douglas Promenade was still blanketed in fog at about midday


The fog lifted just in time so that the session was sent off two minutes after schedule, but all teams were left holding their breath as that all important siren was only sounded at the last minute.

The team feel they are getting closer to having the Triumph handle but still have a way to go. We managed two laps on both bikes, Royce coming in and jumping off the Triumph and straight onto the Ducati. Being such a monster of a bike to manhandle around the track, it obviously took its toll on Royce’s body.

Team 11

PIC: Royce passing onlookers at The Raven pub on-board the Triumph 675 (Credit: Tracey’s Pictures)


After arriving back to Rowe Racing HQ, he had this to say, “With a couple of changes made to the Triumph, riding the beast around wasn’t as rough and harsh and was a bit easier of the bumps in the fast sections. I had a slight problem with hand grips and gloves, so arm-pump set in for the last half of the second lap which affected times.

“The Ducati felt really nice and I can’t wait to get back out there and start stringing my corners together to clock a better lap. An ice bath this evening wasn’t the most fun I’ve had but all for the cause!”

Royce posted a 115mph lap on the Triumph, which has him 2nd in qualifying in the Junior and 3rd in the Senior so far.

Team 13

PIC: Royce givin’ it the berries! (Credit: Tracey’s Pictures)


He managed a 108mph lap on the Ducati which sees him 5th in the standings.

There were a number of slippery sections on the course so conditions were not ideal, but the weather should improve tomorrow before deteriorating again later in the week.

Team 12

PIC: Getting some air on the Super Twins machine (Credit: Tracey’s Pictures)


Given the Classic TT is run in conjunction with the Manx GP, you tend to bump into a few legends of the sport who are there enjoying a historic ride. One such legend, and probably the world’s fastest road racer currently, is Michael Dunlop. He is in town competing in the Classic and like every race he tackles, taking it rather seriously. It was a buzz for Royce to set off on the Triumph at the start alongside him.


PIC: Everyone gets put to work at dinner time inside Rowe Racing HQ

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