Road to Recovery

With all surgeries complete, Royce now begins the long road of recovery. While the staff at Aintree University Hospital have been fantastic, Royce has been moved back to Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man.


Taken by plane, similar to Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service, it was just a short flight to the Isle. Currently, the UK has a virus spreading through hospitals, so Royce has been given his own room just in case – which he’s obviously not complaining about!


PIC: While his arms and legs are beaten-up, Royce was very lucky not to sustain head or spinal injuries


While the short flight was do-able, Royce can still not bear wait on his legs, so the risk of a blood-clot while on a flight back to Australia is far too high. The next month of recovery will involve purely resting up and basic exercises, before then beginning the next stage of rehab – upping movement and pushing to get muscles moving again.


Mother, Debbie took the ferry back over to the IOM to stay with Royce. She has been put up by our friends, the Kneens and can’t thank the family enough. The IOM has become a second home over recent years, so both Royce and Deb feel very welcomed and relieved to be back on the Island.


PIC: “Here comes the aeroplane…” – Nurse Beth


Sadly, both Royce’s partner Beth and Father Les had to fly back home to Adelaide, Australia over the weekend. Beth has been a rock for Royce since the accident and hasn’t left his side. While the initial shock was extremely traumatic, Beth was fantastic in relaying information back home to family members and has since made sure Royce is comforted during a pretty scary time.


There will be slow headway made from here, but keep an eye out for updates on Royce’s progress.

11 thoughts on “Road to Recovery

  1. Thank you for the updates. Really appreciate hearing how Royce is doing. At the club we are all asking staff and each other if we have any news and updates. Wishing the best and quickest recovery and to keep his spirits up. This too shall pass! Ciao, Donata (Galluccio) >


  2. Hey Royce, I”m thinking of you here & its hard to say “your a lucky boy” & not sound kinda weird.
    Keep us informed as to what’s happening there with recovery
    all the best wishes


  3. Hey Royce,
    We are so glad to know you are OK and on the mend. Will keep an eye on progress with fingers crossed to see you home as soon as possible.
    How did you get the purple Texta on your arms ??
    Phil & Ronna


  4. Hi there Royce, Great to see your being well cared for by Mum. Please keep your spirits elevated to max and look forward to hearing of updates on your wellbeing and return to Adelaide soon as mate. Cheers Nip K.


  5. Well we are so pleased to hear this update. We were spectating at the control tour and really excited that you were racing there. Our best wishes to you and your family Royce.
    Greg And Amy


  6. Good to see Royce is on the mend, a great job done by the Hospitals staff. Best wishes to all involved in the recovery process. It’s great to see Ausies & Kiwis make the huge effort to ride the mountain course.


  7. Was watching at railway inn at union mills, saw you had nice style, sorry it went wrong, hope you mend quickly and 100% mate, hope to see you there again


  8. Even though we’ve never met, it’s great that you have this blog so we can find out how you’re doing. Sending tons of well wishes for a quick recovery and I hope that you are out of hospital asap before finally heading home. If there’s anything you need to make life easier with your extended stay on this little island, please just ask. Keep the faith! X


  9. Royce,
    My son Jett and I went to your talk at QAC and really loved it.
    We send you our best wishes and know that from the impression you gave us in your talk that you will use the same persistence and endeavour in your recovery.
    Fond wishes
    Kerry Heysen-Hicks QAC member


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