They see me rollin’…

While it may seem like Groundhog Day in Noble’s Hospital for Royce and his mother, Debbie, slow progress is being made with his injuries and each milestone is getting the pair closer to returning home to Australia.


PIC: Royce getting vacuum-sealed before a shower – “You’ll stay fresh nigh three weeks, lad,” said local butcher, Paddy O’Reilly


The hospital staff have been great in making Royce’s stay as comfortable as possible thus far. Since the last update, Royce’s right-leg can now bend at 50 degrees and his left an impressive 70. The two braces used on his legs have a notch at the knee which is moved a click at a time while Royce builds up strength and mobility. The cast on his right-wrist has now been removed, but is yet to bear weight with the hand and overall movement is still limited.


Had the accident happened back in Oz, now would be the time Royce could go home to relax before starting weight-bearing physio back at the hospital. Due to flight restrictions of being able to bend your legs 90 degrees and load-bear on at least one leg, it’s not possible. As there’s no real need for Royce to be taking up space in the hospital, the plan for the past fortnight has been to move him to the Joey Dunlop Foundation (JDF) House, which is now happening tomorrow. It’s been a long stay, but he’s excited about a change of scenery.


PIC: The Joey Dunlop Foundation House at Braddan Bridge on the Isle of Man


The JDF has been a great support to us in the past and does a lot for racing on the Isle of Man. The JDF accommodation at Braddan Bridge House is purpose built for less able lodgers to have somewhere to stay when the TT and Manx GP is on, or just when visiting the picturesque Isle. The rooms offer bed hoists and bathroom facilities are wheelchair friendly, so it will make for a comfortable and convenient stay. Royce will be sharing a room with mum, Debbie and has a service bell ready to ring when pillows need fluffing or soup needs cooling. Royce will still need to visit the hospital often once he begins weight-bearing physio, so the use of maxi-taxis will become a regular occurrence.


To make getting around easier, Royce has taken arrival of a new wheelchair that can be self-propelled by one arm. He can scoot around the hallways and will no doubt become stronger in his left arm – handy for the Ducati dry-clutch.


PIC: Royce’s first outing on his new set of wheels… just needs some performance parts for those long hallway straights


Lots of people and organisations have been extremely generous in offering their best wishes and support to Royce and Debbie. There are too many to list, but dozens of locals have made the effort to come visit, support and assist in many ways. Even those abroad who have sent care packages, cards and flowers are all extremely appreciated.


In the coming weeks, we’ll have an update from Royce’s new digs and hopefully will be receiving good news about the leg recovery.

11 thoughts on “They see me rollin’…

  1. Hi Royce..great to see you are making such an amazing recovery! We are watching you all the way & can’t wait to see you back in Oz! Our love Mary & Mick Scammell xx

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hi Debbie. Sending our love and prayers to you and Royce. We miss you so much but know you’re in the right place supporting your boy.
    Love and hugs
    Leanne and Dianne


  3. Hey Royce, nice wheels, love the pj’s mate. Glad to hear you’re doing better, sending hugs to you and mum 🤗
    Thanks for the update Leonard 👍🏻


  4. Hey Royce ,
    Great to see you on a new set of wheels even if they are slower.
    Been praying for a speedy recovery for you and thinking of your mum there with you. Take care and rehab hard, 🇦🇺
    Just in case you’re interested the Mighty Crows are playing in the grand final Saturday … I’m sure you’d love to watch it .
    Carol and Graham


  5. So good to see you up and about Royce, hard work and tolerance ahead but it will be worth it eventually.
    Your mean machine is not as pretty as the duke.
    lots of love to you and Deb
    Nan T xxxx


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