Encouraging signs early for Rowe Racing Team

After some frustrating delays over the weekend, we finally got the chance to hit the track on Monday night (Tuesday morning AU time).

The Island saw some good weather, apart from a small amount of rain just before the session started, which meant the adhesion flags were out at Greeba, Gorse Lea and Ballacrain.


PIC: Royce doing his best ‘pre-race Rossi ritual’ impersonation. (Credit: Beth Tucker)



Royce headed out on the Triumph in the MGP Junior/Senior practice with the intention of easing himself back into the course showing the respect that the Mountain Course deserves.

We were surprised to see a 112mph lap flash up, putting him 14th in the standings. A full rundown of fastest laps can be found here.


PIC: The pit crew catching up with South Aussie legend, and current fastest Aussie around the TT course, Davo Johnson. (Credit: Beth Tucker)


Some minor adjustments are planned to the bike as Royce is experiencing a lot of wheel spin around the track, but overall the bike ran well and felt great.


PIC: Royce blasting through Windy Corner (Credit: Deb Lock)


Unfortunately, as Royce came in from his practice session, a red flag incident occurred at Black Hut which brought an end to practice for the day, which meant we couldn’t get out on the Ducati.

We’ve still managed to run the Duke up and down the road, but getting on track to start making minor adjustments and analyse data is really what we’re hoping for this week.


PIC: Royce getting back into the swing of things (Credit: Tracey’s Pics)


Good weather is predicted for tomorrow, so hopefully we can get more laps in on the Triumph as well as opening laps on the Ducati.

Roads are due to close at the same time tomorrow, 6pm. The MGP Junior/Senior session kicks off at 6.20pm and the Lightweight and Ultralight session for the Ducati at 7.15pm.

3 thoughts on “Encouraging signs early for Rowe Racing Team

  1. Ah the joys of IOM weather, hurry up and wait. If it’s any consolation it’s wet and cold here too.
    Keep it shiny side up Royce.
    Regards Phil & Ronna


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