Super Saturday

After a week of poor weather, it was fantastic to get out for two laps on each bike Saturday morning in perfect weather. As the day went on, it got really warm – not Aussie warm, but enough for the Poms to start sunbaking!

The team is still sorting the Triumph out, but it’s going well. The Ducati is now fixed and back on song performing well. After the late night and hassle of missing our second session, we found it was a ten cent fuse that had broken… annoying, but such is the foils of racing on The Island – it’s a little further back to the pits compared to Royce’s usual trailer ride at Mallala!


PIC: A flying Duc in the sun (Credit: Tracey’s Pics)


During first practice, Royce managed to pass John McGuinness on the Duke. McGuinness was riding the immaculate green Paton, which he then piloted to the Classic Senior chequered flag in the afternoon.

As with all sessions, the day didn’t go exactly to plan. We somehow tore a front tyre on the Ducati, but Royce and team still are not sure what caused it.

We also damaged a front tyre on the Triumph when Royce clipped a kerb through Kirkmichael.

Not wanting to miss out on the party, the pit crew then managed to show support by sustaining a punctured tyre on the van – Rowe Racing Repairs sprung back into action!


PIC: “Yep, it’s definitely flat – do we need glue?” – Royce showing off his mechanical knowledge.


The second practice scheduled in the afternoon was cancelled after a red flag incident at Ballaugh stopped the Classic Senior TT. It’s lost time, but respect for the Mountain and fallen competitors comes first.

So, with the Saturday afternoon off after a busy couple of weeks, the team went down to Hillberry to watch Bruce Anstey win the Classic Lightweight TT.


PIC: Our local viewing spot at Hillberry.


Tomorrow (Sunday) we’re working on the bikes and checking everything before a final practice session on Monday at the usual 6.20pm timeslot. Then, the rest of the week it’s time to race!.


PIC: The Trumpy is improving after every lap (Credit: Tracey’s Pics)



Monday 26th August – Roads Close at 0930 hrs until no later than 2100 hrs


10:15hrs Junior Classic TT Race 4 laps


13:00hrs Classic Racer Magazine Classic TT Lap of Honour 1 lap


14:15hrs RST Superbike Classic TT Race 4 laps


16:15hrs Manx Grand Prix Newcomers A Race 4 laps


Manx Grand Prix Newcomers B Race 4 laps


Manx Grand Prix Newcomers C Race3 laps


18:20hrs MGP Senior/MGP Junior Qualifying (No Newcomers)       2 laps


18:55hrs          MGP Lightweight & Ultra Lightweight Qualifying (No Newcomers)2 laps


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