Resting up for the big dance

First the rain was hampering our campaign and now Royce is feeling under the weather! He was admitted to Nobles Hospital late on Sunday with what is believed to be a serious case of food poisoning.


PIC: They kept my old room for me!


He spent nearly five hours in there on a drip but doctors are confident that he will recover quickly, however we are going to have to monitor the situation. It may affect our programme if he doesn’t recover his fitness as soon as possible, but we have faith that Royce knows his body well enough to make an educated call.

Last night (Monday) we had the opportunity to go out for a single practice lap at the end of the days classic races but Royce still wasn’t feeling 100%, so we decided to sit it out.

Instead, we found a good vantage point to watch an epic Classic Superbike race. After leading most of the way, Michael Dunlop retired just a couple miles from the finish to see our friend Dave Johnson take the win.


PIC: Hoping this fog lifts and we get a sunny couple of race days! (Credit: Deb Lock)


Due to the time lost Monday morning because of fog, we have four laps of qualifying scheduled for Tuesday, which was supposed to be a day off for rest. It’ll be two on each bike, as long as Royce is feeling up to it.

The racing then starts on Wednesday, so we’re all hoping he’ll be ready to give it his best shot! Luckily, we’ve got another rest day scheduled for Thursday, before a big day of racing on Friday.



11:30: Roads close around the Course

12:15: Manx Grand Prix Newcomers (A,B) Race (4 laps) & C (3 laps)

14:45: Manx Grand Prix Senior and Junior Qualifying (2 laps)

15:30: Manx Grand Prix Lightweight / Ultra Lightweight Qualifying (2 laps)

16:45: Roads scheduled to open around the Course



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