Incident update following Tuesday, 27 August practice

Although recovering well from illness and being back on the pace for his MGP Lightweight class, the Rowe Racing Team regrets to announce that Royce has unfortunately had another incident on the Isle of Man in the MGP Junior/Senior practice session overnight.

Heading out on the Triumph, Royce came off on his first lap at Alpine, a very fast, sweeping right-hand corner.

He’s broken his left tibia, the ball joint of his right hip (subsequently breaking his pelvis) and all the ribs on his right-hand side – which has caused his right lung to collapse. There is also a break to his wrist, and a number of lacerations and abrasions to his body.

If anything can be considered lucky out of the incident, he did retain consciousness throughout and has no brain or spinal injuries.

He wasn’t able to talk much as he was in severe shock and heavily sedated by the time the team reached him. He was first treated at Nobles (local Isle of Man hospital) where the staff were fantastic – we can’t thank them enough. However, to be safe and due to the difficulty of treating the hip injury, he has been airlifted to Aintree Hospital in Liverpool. The family will be flying over ASAP.

The support from everyone on The Island has been great and we thank everyone for their well wishes through this trying time. We’ll provide more info as it comes to hand.

24 thoughts on “Incident update following Tuesday, 27 August practice

  1. We are speechless. So sorry to hear this news & to know that Royce & the family have to go through all of this trauma again. Heal well & lots of love to you all.💖
    We anxiously look forward to any news.
    Dale & Margo. X


  2. Thoughts are with family, friends and team and wishing Royce a speedy and comfortable recovery. Appreciate the update as my husband marshalling where the incident took place and was wondering how he was doing after transfer to hospital


  3. Sorry to hear about your off, Aintree Hospital is brilliant and you will be in the hands of the best surgeons.Dan Sayle was treated there and he is back winning replicas


  4. So sorry to hear this news. I and some friends had an enjoyable chat to some of the “Team” at the Mines Pub in Laxey on Sunday 24th, trying to lift their spirits after the surprise England test win. Enough of that, Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Royce. The offer of free accommodation and the use of a garage or two for next years TT is still there if needed. Best wishes. Dirk.


  5. I’m sad to hear this, such a talented rider and nice guy, but he just doesn’t seem to have the luck on his side. Wishing Royce all the very best wish his recovery!!!


  6. Damn, that sucks. Speedy recovery Royce! Thoughts are with you, the family and the support team both local and those who flew over there.


  7. So sorry to hear about the accident, heal fast Royce. Thoughts and prayers with u buddy. If ur back on the Iom and need anything then I would be happy to help.


  8. Not the story we wanted to hear. Keep your spirits up Royce (not the vodka kind) and hope for a quick recovery mate. We all know how hard you have worked the past 2 years to get back to this point.
    Also, thoughts with Rowe Racing Team who also have worked so hard to get Royce back to achieving his goals. In particular Les, Deb, Beth, Leonard,Locky & Brian (BJR Products). Sure there is more.
    See you all back in Australia.


  9. Hi Royce. So sorry to hear about your accident. No doubt there are many challenges ahead but you are no stranger to challenges. We are thinking of you and sending you healing love. Love too to your family and to Beth. Janette & Peter xx


  10. Hi All,

    Please wish Royce all the best from us.

    We were devastated to hear about his accident but glad it wasn’t any worse. At least he will make a full recovery.

    Hopefully it won’t be too long before he is able to travel back to some sunshine at home.

    Best regards, Murray and Jo Johnson



  11. Bloody hell , Hope all goes well that sounds like a lengthy stay in hospital speedy recovery buddy –
    best of luck Kym McConnell


  12. Hey Royce i got the bad news through Danny were all thinking of you and family get through the recovery as best you can see you when you get home


  13. We were stunned to hear about Royce’s accident, please let him know we are thinking of him at this awful time and wishing him a speedy recovery. To Deb and Les and the team, look out for each other as this can’t be the easiest of times for you guys either, you are all in our thoughts.
    Phil & Ronna


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