Royce’s condition improves, but still a long road to recovery

Since arriving at Aintree Hospital, Liverpool, Royce has undergone a successful surgery to mend his broken femur and pelvis.

While these were our main points of concern early on, as well as the lungs, there were also fractures to Royce’s collarbone and ankle that we knew would need minor surgery eventually, which is now planned for this coming Monday.

While things are definitely improving, it’s tough to see him still under heavy sedation. This is to assist his lungs in recovering properly, given the amount of pain he’ll be in when waking up.

Tests have been conducted by staff to ensure he’s responsive and in true Royce fashion, he passed with flying colours. After Monday’s surgery, the plan is to gradually ween him off the sedatives and allow him to wake up slowly.

The medical staff at Aintree have been, and continue to be, terrific and are confident Royce will make a good recovery, however this will take some time.

We are very grateful to the many people who have enquired about Royce’s condition and have sent love and best wishes.

A special thanks goes out to our friends Laura and Chris who were kind enough to drive Debbie and Beth (Royce’s mum and partner) to Aintree Hospital from the ferry.

Back on The Island as we dealt with Royce’s situation, we saw a magnificent gesture by the winner of the Senior Manx Grand Prix, Nathan Harrison, who mentioned Royce and wished him well in his victory speech.

From here, we’re hoping for a successful surgery on Monday and the chance to finally speak to Royce once he slowly comes to. There will be further medical plans to come and hopefully some timeframes from doctors, which we’ll keep everyone posted on.

7 thoughts on “Royce’s condition improves, but still a long road to recovery

  1. Another hurdle to clear but I’m sure you’ll do it with your usual determination! Speedy recovery mate (get back on the Guinness asap)


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