Update on Royce’s condition

It’s been just over a week since the racing incident that landed Royce in Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool, where he remains in the Critical Care Unit (CCU). While the family have kept positive throughout, it’s been tough watching slight progress be made, only to be dealt another harsh blow of further complications. It’s the classic two steps forward, one step back scenario.

Monday’s planned surgery to his ribs was not proceeded with as the potential benefits did not match the stress it would have placed on Royce, given his overall health and other injuries still causing discomfort.

The other remaining operations on his clavicle, hip and ankle are also on hold as we keep him stable.

This is very much a game of patience, as we wait for Royce to repair himself sufficiently to move to the next step. We know his determination, so have faith it will happen eventually.

The plan over the next couple of days will be to gradually take him out of sedation, but he still won’t be able to communicate for some time yet as he remains in CCU for a few weeks.

The staff at Aintree have continued to provide amazing support throughout this tough journey, including giving Mum, Debbie birthday cake earlier in the week. Not the nicest place to spend a birthday, but I think everyone guessed her wish!

The doctors at Aintree recently made comment that they’ve never had a patient for whom they’ve received so many calls from fans asking how they were. Although being a comforting sentiment, unfortunately the hospital is unable to release information.

It’s likely that it may be a few weeks before there are any major developments as it is a long road, but we will keep people updated as news comes to hand.

12 thoughts on “Update on Royce’s condition

  1. We are all thinking positive thoughts for Royce’s well being and his condition. I cannot imagine what his loved ones are going through in this difficult time.
    Those fans of his from the QAC send you much love and best wishes for a good outcome.
    Warm hugs from a cold and stormy Adelaide.
    Chele and Adam Plumridge


  2. Hey Rowe clan!
    Hopefully you guys are coping ok at this really shit time. Our thoughts are with you and looking forward to hearing some good news soon.. Snaithy and family


  3. Alright Mucka, I was going to come into aintree to see you today but apparently you’re not in the best shape for visitors, hopefully you will improve you and we can see you looking happy again, healing thoughts and wishes of health, give love to your folks, get well soon 😎🏁


  4. Message from the Dukes Rd marshals including DSM and CSM (and of course the Aussie): thinking of you all and wishing Royce a good recovery


  5. Can not believe whats happened for Royce, i was amazed on his return so quickly, i was spectating at union mills at his last off, and was watching at conkertrees this time hoping for some good pics, i feel for all involved with Royce, i wish him a full and speedy recovery
    Adrian in UK


  6. My thoughts are with you Deb and Royce, so far away and I feel so helpless, I continue to pray for a safe recovery very soon.
    All my love Pat xxxx


  7. Thinking of you Royce and your close family. Looking forward to hearing that you are coming good. All my good wishes for a solid recovery. Danny


  8. This is hard to read. Sorry to hear things are moving so slowly. Stay strong for each other. Can’t do any more than offer you our positive thoughts and best wishes.


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